The ripple effect of maritime piracy and terrorism means that if you are involved in shipping you need to consider the impact an attack will have on you and your organisation and in particular, those you are responsible for.

MMWC provides invaluable, impartial advice to all disciplines of the merchant shipping industry.
The list below is a summary of our consultancy expertise.

Flag States & Industry Bodies:

MMWC works with Flag States and Industry Bodies worldwide to help facilitate a coherent and consistent approach to maritime piracy and to found an industry non reliant on naval forces.

Our involvement includes:
  • Round table briefings
  • Predicting future piracy trends and activity
  • Advising beyond best practice management
  • Empowering your members and industry to protect themselves
  • Facilitating a uniformed voice

Management Board:

MMWC assists management teams to make informed decisions regarding their overall organisational security policies.

Areas of focus include:
  • Implementing more than best practice management
  • Corporate responsibility
  • Looking beyond the bottom line - the impact of piracy on your company
  • Establishing enduring anti-piracy policies
  • Brand damage limitation

Fleet Audits

MMWC works with you to ensure that the shore based management and fleet policies are seamless in mitigating all possible risk of unauthorised boarding either at anchorage or underway.

We help you:
  • Review and amend existing ship and shore based security plan
  • Devise and implement a relevant crew training program
  • Select effective counter measures and advise on the rigging process
  • Devise comprehensive Master and bridge team SOPs
  • Understand the intelligence available and how to conduct a risk assessment
  • Review third party security options

Legal and Insurance:

MMWC helps numerous law firms and underwriters with impartial advice on compliance related issues or disputes.

Our services include:
  • Expert witness consultation
  • Fleet auditing – see above
  • Crew preparedness/training
  • The use of arms

Charterers, Managers and Operators

MMWC works with all parties to highlight the risk implications of voyage routing changes and what can be done to ensure that crew safety remains the most important factor.

  • Voyage routing changes – cargo price fluctuations
  • Communication procedures
  • Threat analysis
  • Security options – including last minute ones before entering a high risk area

HR, Crew Resource and Training Managers

MMWC works with all parties to ensure that every shipping company adopts and implements an ingrained, cultural anti-piracy policy that has a lasting legacy.

Efforts include:
  • Empowerment
  • Morale
  • System quality
  • Training
  • A bottom up approach to cadet training
  • Educating on the impact of a hijacking – what to expect


MMWC helps you choose the best counter measures that suit your vessels, security plans and budget.

We explain:
  • What's effective, and what's not
  • How to rig
  • How to calculate sufficient stock levels

Governments & NGOs:

MMWC's submersion in maritime security issues together with our close working relationships with maritime personnel means that we are adept at identifying changing industry trends and providing forward-thinking advice.

This includes:
  • White papers
  • Briefings

Media & Conferences:

MMWC regularly features in the media and at conferences.

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