The concept of a Layered Defence System is not new and is used extensively in other industries – from aviation to IT software.

The model acknowledges that any single defence may be flawed and therefore a series of different defences should be used to cover the gaps in the others' protective capabilities.

MMWC has adapted this method for the maritime industry to provide an effective non-lethal approach to vessel security.

Aims of a Layered Defence System:

  • To prevent unauthorised boarding of your vessel without the use of firearms
  • Provide early detection of a threat
  • Allow sufficient time for coalition forces to assist you in the event of an incident
  • Allow sufficient time for crew to find a safe area within the vessel

With a Layered Defence System, your safety is affordable, achievable and inexcusable!

How Does a Layered Defence System Work?

Underpinned by training, a Layered Defence System is built on the following equation.

Preparation + Early Detection = Safety + Time

Each layer of defence is designed to stop or delay pirates from taking control of your ship. If you can do this you can buy time and wait for naval assistance or prevent a hijacking entirely.

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Interact with the diagram above to understand how a Layered Defence System operates.