The first countermeasure of its kind, the new MMWC Propeller Arresters™ form a critical layer of physical defence between your vessel and potential pirates.
Designed for easy and multiple deployment, the Propeller Arresters™ release 100 metre lines of buoyant polypropylene rope to create an impenetrable security perimeter around your vessel.

Any attempt to cross these lines in a skiff will entangle the propeller and cause the engine to stop immediately, ultimately thwarting the pirates’ attempt to hijack your vessel.

The Propeller Arresters™ are deployed on simple 10 metre booms either side of the hull, from the bow to the stern, running aft the full length of the vessel. Units are also placed around the stern creating a 'No Go' zone around your vessel with zero danger to your own propeller.

They are designed to remain deployed for the duration of your transit meaning no crew are put at risk on deck during high risk areas.

Key Benefits of the Propeller Arresters™:

  • Non-lethal system
  • Cost effective
  • No Vessel length or cargo restrictions
  • No weather restrictions
  • No maintenance
  • No chance of own vessel entanglement
  • Simple to use
  • Simple to deploy
  • Re-usable

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For safety, the lines of the Propeller Arresters™ will break under strain.

Propeller Arresters™ should be used as part of the Layered Defence System recommended by MMWC.